It is hard to believe that it was almost ten years ago I witnessed a CNC router in action for the very first time. I was fascinated with what I saw and simply had to have one! Although I had been in the creative end of the three dimensional sign business for most of my life I didn't really know what I would do with one - but I just knew it could do fantastic stuff.

Through extensive research and LOTS of hands-on practice I quickly found out that my MultiCam router was capable of just about anything imaginable.This journal will chronicle that journey to date and continue each week with two or three entries as I continue to explore just what is possible with this wonderful tool... -dan

Friday, August 15, 2014

Final plans are in the bag and work has begun.

The entire plan for the large project in Trinidad is now approved. There will undoubtably some small changes and revisions as we go but the final plans are now being engineered. It was a long design process, with nine versions of the master plan drawn and considered before things were settled. Attractions and rides were changed and moved through the process and many things changed size along the way.

The plan as accepted includes a train ride, bumper boats, a wild adventure golf, a climbing wall and daring free fall jump, a kids play area, a wave swing ride, a pendulum ride, a spinning drop ride and a spinning coaster. All will be themed to the maximum. Yesterday I finished the last of the attraction sign designs.

The spinning drop ride will be called Crows Nest featuring Specs with his telescope.

The spinning pendulum ride is to be called KEEL HAUL. The sign features Fredrick, the enforcer.

The spinning coaster has a figure eight track so we called it 'PIECES OF EIGHT' and the sign features Tupper the pirate accountant.

I'll get into designing the signs in the next weeks and look forward to the building of each of them. In the meantime we are working on the larger pieces including a giant KRAKEN. He'll measure about thirty-five feet long with the tentacles extended.

This is going to be a challenging and amazing build and project and we'll be chronicling each step of the process here. Stay tuned...